Welcome to the Heartwarming World of Mollie Openshaw!

Mollie is the brilliant author behind the inspiring book "Gam Gam Am I Mixed." This extraordinary book is a testament to the power of love and acceptance, highlighting the beautiful characteristics of her beloved granddaughter and celebrating the limitless potential she possesses.

Meet Mollie & Bellahrainee

Mollie Openshaw's journey began with her granddaughter Bellahrainee, who sparked the creation of this remarkable book.

With "Gam Gam Am I Mixed," Mollie Openshaw extends a gentle yet profound reminder to treat every individual with respect, embracing and cherishing the unique gifts each person brings to the world. The book stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging readers to look beyond external appearances and recognize the inherent goodness that resides within us all.

Join Mollie Openshaw on this enchanting adventure as she unites hearts, transcends boundaries, and reminds us of the boundless beauty that emerges when we embrace our shared humanity.

Promoting Kindness, Inclusion & Diversity

Gam Gam Am I Mixed encourages children of all backgrounds to embrace their unique heritage
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Made to Empower

Gam Gam, Am I Mixed? celebrates the richness of cultural diversity and reminds us that our differences should be embraced, rather than a cause for division. It highlights the beauty and strength that can be found in each of us, and encourages children to celebrate the tapestry of their own identities and unique characteristics.

Together, let’s celebrate the power of love, acceptance, and the wonders each person contributes to our diverse and beautiful world.

After all, we are all mixed – a tapestry of unique colors and stories that form the rich fabric of our lives.

With Love,

Gam Gam

Gam Gam's Muse

Meet Gam Gam and Her Granddaughter!

Mollie Openshaw

Author + Founder


Mollie’s Granddaughter

Our Mission

Gam Gam, Am I Mixed? seeks to create a narrative that embraces diversity, promotes inclusivity, and nurtures a deep sense of self-awareness and appreciation for the multifaceted identities of children.

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