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Mollie Openshaw

Dear Educators,

Embark on an enchanting literary journey with Mollie Openshaw, the author of the heartwarming book, “Gam Gam, Am I Mixed?” With a commitment to foster understanding with kindness, inclusion and diversity, she is thrilled to extend an invitation to bring the magic of her story directly to your students.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her work is connecting with young minds, sparking their imagination, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Mollie invites you to consider scheduling a Gam Gam Visit, to share the beauty of the book “Gam Gam, Am I Mixed?” and inspire the hearts and minds of your students.

To schedule a Gam Gam Visit, please reach out via our contact page. We are open to tailoring our program to suit your needs and preferences. If there’s a specific type of program or activity you have in mind that we haven’t mentioned, we welcome the opportunity to discuss and create a customized experience for your students.

Join me in creating memorable moments that spark curiosity, promote kindness, inclusion and diversity, and celebrate the joy of reading. I look forward to connecting with you and your students through the pages of “Gam Gam, Am I Mixed?”

Warm regards,

Mollie Openshaw

Gam Gam Empowering Educators

A Compass for Values and Teachable Moments

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: The book celebrates diversity and encouraging children of all backgrounds to embrace their unique heritage. Educators play a crucial role in fostering a culture of inclusion and acceptance in classrooms, and this book can be a valuable tool to achieve that.

Counteracting Colorblindness: While the intention of colorblindness is often positive, it can sometimes lead to overlooking the experiences and challenges faced by individuals with mixed heritage. This book helps educators understand and address these issues sensitively and positively.

Encouraging Empathy and Respect: By focusing on the beautiful characteristics of the protagonist rather than their skin color, the book emphasizes the importance of looking beyond outward appearances and treating everyone with respect and empathy.

Inspiring Self-Identity Exploration: For children who are, or have friends with diverse backgrounds, this book can provide an opportunity for self-exploration and discussions about their own identities, fostering a positive sense of self.

Building Cultural Awareness: The book can serve as a starting point to introduce students to different cultures and experiences, fostering cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity.

Addressing Bullying and Stereotyping: Educators can use the book as a springboard to discuss topics like bullying, stereotyping, and prejudice, encouraging open conversations about these issues.

Encouraging Writing and Creative Expression: After reading the book, educators can engage students in writing exercises, encouraging them to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to diversity and identity.

Introducing Critical Thinking: The book’s themes can prompt critical thinking discussions about societal norms, biases, and the importance of acceptance.

Supporting Social and Emotional Learning: Reading Gam Gam Am I Mixed can be integrated into social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, promoting emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and understanding of others.

Parental Involvement and Community Engagement: Educators can use the book to involve parents and caregivers in conversations about diversity and inclusion, creating a collaborative learning environment.

In conclusion, Gam Gam Am I Mixed offers valuable lessons about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, making it an excellent addition to any educator’s toolkit for promoting a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Mollie Openshaw - Guest Speaker CSUC


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