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Mollie and her granddaughter Bellah

Mollie Openshaw

Meet Mollie Openshaw, a dynamic entrepreneur and inspirational force hailing from the sunny city of Chico, CA. Mollie is far from your ordinary entrepreneur; she’s a trailblazer, a visionary, and a true embodiment of creativity.

Mollie’s journey began with her revolutionary venture, Mood Swing Wines, the sole wine brand worldwide that celebrates the essence of women navigating the challenges of menopause. With unmatched spirit and determination, she introduced this groundbreaking concept across the United States, crafting wines meticulously and curating thoughtfully. Her wines became a household name and a cherished companion for those who appreciate a good glass of wine with a meaningful twist.

But Mollie’s brilliance didn’t stop there. Recognizing the power of collaboration, she partnered with the iconic “Menopause the Musical” in Las Vegas, becoming the exclusive wine at their sensational shows. Through this partnership, she elevated her brand and brought joy and laughter to countless individuals, making each sip of Mood Swing Wines a memorable experience.


Mollie’s journey also led her to the heart of the entertainment industry, where her infectious enthusiasm and exceptional wines caught the attention of renowned personalities. Her wines graced high-profile events, including the legendary Gladys Knight’s birthday party, leaving a lasting impression on the glittering world of Hollywood.

In addition to her groundbreaking ventures in the wine industry, Mollie Openshaw has made her mark as a sought-after guest on various media platforms. Her expertise and vibrant personality have earned her a spot on numerous podcasts, television programs, and radio shows, where she shared her inspiring journey and insights. Notably, Mollie had the honor of being a featured guest on shows that included the likes of Kathy Kaehler, a testament to her captivating presence and the value she brings to every conversation.

Mollie’s passion for uplifting and connecting women led her to create the vibrant community known as “Camp Midlife.” This online gathering place provides a safe haven for women to share their stories, find support, and create meaningful friendships. Through the power of shared experiences, Mollie fosters a sense of sisterhood, inspiring women to support one another in their personal and professional endeavors.

As a seasoned speaker, Mollie travels the world, gracing stages with her infectious energy, and inspiring audiences to take charge of their lives. Her motivational talks ignite a spark within her listeners, empowering them to break free from stagnation, try new things, and unleash their adventurous spirits.

In May of 2022, Mollie embarked on yet another exciting venture by opening an IV Hydration Clinic. This new endeavor reflects her dedication to health and wellness, as she aims to provide women with rejuvenating treatments that help them feel their best and conquer any challenges that come their way.

Most recently, Mollie has added a new dimension to her repertoire as an author. Her heartwarming children’s book, “Gam Gam Am I Mixed,” takes young readers on a journey of love and understanding, showcasing the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. Through her storytelling, Mollie continues to inspire and impact lives across generations.

Throughout her remarkable journey, Mollie Openshaw embodies the spirit of living life to the fullest. Her infectious enthusiasm, courage, and determination serve as a beacon of hope for women worldwide. By fearlessly embracing change, trying new things, and cherishing every moment, Mollie exemplifies the essence of empowerment and encourages women to embark on their unique paths with confidence and joy.

Join Mollie Openshaw on “The Estrogen Lounge” and be inspired to live life boldly, chase dreams, and savor the journey of womanhood with open hearts and open minds. With Mollie as an example, every woman is encouraged to bust a move and enjoy the incredible journey of life that lies ahead.

In Mollies personal life, she is the mother to three adult children Shlya, Hunter and Mallory, leaving her an empty nester. While others don’t always enjoy empty nest or the thought of their adult children leaving, Mollie thoroughly enjoys and embraces her empty nest, because her children live locally and visit often. And let’s not forget Bellahrainee, Mollies very first grandchild, who is deeply loved and the inspiration behind the book, Gam Gam, Am I Mixed? 

Gam Gam Illustrator, Linda K. Phelps

Linda K. Phelps is a remarkable individual with a multifaceted life journey. She’s the proud mother of three outstanding adult boys and shares her life in Chico with her husband Dave, along with their beloved dogs, Daisy and Charlie. Originally hailing from the charming mountain town of Chester, CA, Linda has a deep connection to nature and small-town values.

Linda has dedicated a decade of her life to education, making a positive impact on young minds as a teacher, spanning the preschool to elementary levels. Her passion for teaching and nurturing children’s growth has been a significant part of her journey.

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Gam Gam School

Exciting news! Get ready to embark on a journey of kindness, inclusion, and diversity with Gam Gam’s upcoming online interactive school.

This innovative platform is designed to make learning an engaging and enriching experience for children.

With a focus on teaching K.I.D. – Kindness, Inclusion, and Diversity, our online school is set to be a game-changer in your child’s education.

At Gam Gam’s online school, children will have access to a treasure trove of activity books, toys, and learning exercises that not only promote academic growth but also instill crucial life values.



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